Invincible Unicorn

Ethical Communications for Ethical Organizations in an Ethical Environment.

Invincible Unicorn
is an ethical communications company.

That means ethical communications created for ethical organizations in an ethical environment.

'Ethical communications' means informative, entertaining, beautiful, original, decent and truthful. In addition, due to their incredible stamina in asking for things they want, we won't advertise to kids.

'Ethical organizations' prioritize improving the conditions of the planet and the lives of the people who live on it.

'Ethical environment' means that we also prioritize the welfare of people and the planet. That obviously means no big, scary things, like forced or child labour, but it also means the day-to-day stuff: paying a living wage; reflecting the diversity of our location in our employees; no one earning more than 8x the salary of anyone else.

We realize that there's an element of subjectivity in the world of ethics. Which is why we are committed to continually reexamining how we can most effectively work within it.